China’s “Party Papers”

China’s official Party Papers are, interestingly enough, living increasingly something of a “double life”. If you subscribe to these via the “youngest” media networks, as in the China-based WeChat social network, they seem to churn out content relevant to a younger audience (relatively little in terms of politics and government policies are mentioned). Yet their paper-based versions still represent the “ultimate in officialspeak”. The ultimate polit seniority is reserved for those who hold a large-type edition of the People’s Daily, which is “ultimate proof” this is an experienced “good, old comrade” of the CCP apparatus.

Amongst the “Party Papers” there is one closely-linked English paper: the nearly always officially-predictable China Daily, although it is not the most nationalistic of all English-language CCP / PRC media. The more nationalistic Global Times is a shocking mix of tolerance and adherence to Zhongnanhai’s policies: it airs sometimes critical posts of Beijing along with patriotic pep.

People’s Daily
(《人民日报》, Renmin Ribao)
Even though it appears the most official of all CCP / PRC titles, it is not the most Marx-leaning and “theoretical” (that role has now been eclipsed by Qiu Shi magazine). But in terms of how Zhongnanhai is thinking, there is no other paper that conveys the latest policies the way this paper, ostensibly the “public newspaper of record” for China, does. Owned by the CCP’s Central Committee, the paper is text-heavy, policies-heavy and is only really read by those inside the Chinese “official system” (be they government-employed servants or those merely working in government-funded museums). Out of all of the political papers, the People’s Daily is the most comprehensive of these in terms of topics covered. The Daily has editions for Hong Kong and overseas markets, but due to the vibrant Chinese-language press environment, these are almost always ignored locally.

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